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Statement of Opinion Regarding the National Referendum

Statement of Opinion Regarding the National Referendum

28 February, 2008

The main problem of the Union of Burma is a political problem. We totally reject Announcements No 1/2008 and 2/2008 and Declaration No 3/2008 unilaterally released by the SPDC Government since they do not contribute to national reconciliation or national unity and are merely aimed at perpetuating a military dictatorship. We hereby declare the following as our firm position:

1. Since the SPDC's state constitution does not reflect the will of the political parties which contested in the 1990 elections, or that of the ethnic leaders, or the people, it is illegitimate and we, the undersigned, totally reject it.

2. We strongly urge the people to join hands to courageously and determinedly oppose the referendum since it is a result of a unilateral action which ignores the results of the 1990 general elections, the role of the legitimate political parties and other political forces as well as the opinion of the international community.

3. Furthermore, we the undersigned reiterate our firm decision to commit ourselves to work together with the people in strongly opposing the SPDC's state constitution as well as all the phases of its "roadmap" which are attempts to ratify its state constitution.

4. Should the SPDC continues to ignore the wishes of the people and the international community and unilaterally holds its national referendum, we urge the people to clearly express their will by casting "Nay" votes to overwhelmingly reject the SPDC's state constitution.

(1) National Council of the Union of Burma
(2) National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma
(3) Ethnic Nationalities Council (Union of Burma)
(4) Women's League of Burma
(5) Forum for Democracy in Burma
(6) Students and Youths Congress of Burma
(7) Nationalities Youth Forum

U Maung Maung (087) 979-0794
Dr. Salai Lian H. Sakhong (081) 029-6100
Dr. Sann Aung (089) 768-5853
Nang Hseng Noung (081) 884-4963

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