Wednesday, March 19, 2008

People's Movement Committee (NLD)

The military junta has now utterly turned down the UN and international community's efforts to help settle the Burma issue. In contrary to people's wish, and misusing people's sovereignty, the military regime has announced that, by means of a sham referendum in May, it would approve the constitution drafted by themselves to their liking to perpetuate the military rule.

This announcement is a blatant violation of:
1. Assurances given to the people by the junta at the time of 1988 coup d'etat.
2. Results of '90 elections held by the junta themselves.
3. Law 1/90 passed by themselves.

In other words, this is the military junta's testing the waters or challenge to the people. Therefore, under the historical destiny, we have established the "People's Movement Committee of the National League for Democracy." We hereby announce that this People's Movement Committee will lead and wage mass struggles throughout Burma for elimination of military dictatorship, democratization and settlement through tripartite dialogue based on 1990 election results.

People's Movement Committee
National League for Democracy
18 March 2008

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