Thursday, March 20, 2008

Industrial Zone Workers' Union (Provisional)

Industrial Zone Workers' Union (Provisional)

A plea to the workers

We Industrial Zone Workers' Union (Provisional) has already expressed our intention to fight till victory for rights entitled to workers. We have also taken part in the September Saffron Revolution led by monks. During that uprising, monks were struck and tortured. Similarly, some of our workers' leaders were arrested by military authorities who are planning to prosecute them on unfair charges and pass jail sentences on them.

Besides having no freedom of association, workers' biggest issue of unequal pay and wages is being ignored by the military junta who is collaborating with the employers to enjoy benefits. We fully believe that as long as the military junta is in power, our workers' life could never improve and prosper.

We are now hearing that the military junta is going to hold a referendum in May to approve a constitution to their liking. This is a schedule to transform the coup d'etat military junta into a lawful military junta which would continue to rule the country with dictatorship. Hence it is certain that our workers' life would in no way change towards good.

As we workers have a great tradition of standing up to abuses in history, we solemnly request all workers now to cast negative votes en masse to show again our resolute opposition to the constitution that would legalize the continued existence of the military dictatorship.

Where there are workers, workers' unions must exist.
Only workers' unions would make our life better.

Industrial Zone Workers' Union (Provisional)

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