Thursday, March 20, 2008

Joint Statement of CRPP, MPs and NLD State Committees

(Unofficial Translation)

Statement released by
Members of the Committee Representing the People’s Parliament (CRPP),
Elected People’s Representatives and
Members of the NLD State and Division Organising Committees

Our Position

17 th March, 2008

1. The entire population is aware of the fact that the government has adopted the dictatorship system and ruled the country from the year 1962 to date.

2. To prolong and entrench the system of military dictatorship the military government has issued its Order Number 1/2008 pronouncing that a referendum will be held in May to confirm its biased draft constitution.

3. To make the people confirm this draft constitution the writing of which was not by the elected representatives of the people is against the wishes and desire of the people.

4. The legally constituted CRPP, legally elected People’s Representatives and the members of the National League for Democracy’s State and Division Organising Committees still exist to implement the wishes of the people and have a duty and the mandate to fulfill their legal obligations to the people.

5. Therefore we declare that there is no way, absolutely no way, that we can accept or confirm a draft constitution that will firmly establish a military dictatorship form of government. Together with the entire population of the country we will continue the fight for democracy.

Members of the Committee Representing People’s Parliament (CRPP)
Elected People’s Representatives
Members of NLD State and Division Organising Committees


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Industrial Zone Workers' Union (Provisional)

Industrial Zone Workers' Union (Provisional)

A plea to the workers

We Industrial Zone Workers' Union (Provisional) has already expressed our intention to fight till victory for rights entitled to workers. We have also taken part in the September Saffron Revolution led by monks. During that uprising, monks were struck and tortured. Similarly, some of our workers' leaders were arrested by military authorities who are planning to prosecute them on unfair charges and pass jail sentences on them.

Besides having no freedom of association, workers' biggest issue of unequal pay and wages is being ignored by the military junta who is collaborating with the employers to enjoy benefits. We fully believe that as long as the military junta is in power, our workers' life could never improve and prosper.

We are now hearing that the military junta is going to hold a referendum in May to approve a constitution to their liking. This is a schedule to transform the coup d'etat military junta into a lawful military junta which would continue to rule the country with dictatorship. Hence it is certain that our workers' life would in no way change towards good.

As we workers have a great tradition of standing up to abuses in history, we solemnly request all workers now to cast negative votes en masse to show again our resolute opposition to the constitution that would legalize the continued existence of the military dictatorship.

Where there are workers, workers' unions must exist.
Only workers' unions would make our life better.

Industrial Zone Workers' Union (Provisional)


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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

People's Movement Committee (NLD)

The military junta has now utterly turned down the UN and international community's efforts to help settle the Burma issue. In contrary to people's wish, and misusing people's sovereignty, the military regime has announced that, by means of a sham referendum in May, it would approve the constitution drafted by themselves to their liking to perpetuate the military rule.

This announcement is a blatant violation of:
1. Assurances given to the people by the junta at the time of 1988 coup d'etat.
2. Results of '90 elections held by the junta themselves.
3. Law 1/90 passed by themselves.

In other words, this is the military junta's testing the waters or challenge to the people. Therefore, under the historical destiny, we have established the "People's Movement Committee of the National League for Democracy." We hereby announce that this People's Movement Committee will lead and wage mass struggles throughout Burma for elimination of military dictatorship, democratization and settlement through tripartite dialogue based on 1990 election results.

People's Movement Committee
National League for Democracy
18 March 2008


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Monday, March 17, 2008

The provisions (articles) omitted in SPDC's Constitutional Referendum Law

The provisions (articles) omitted in SPDC's Constitutional Referendum Law

Comparison of the laws

Sr. SPDC's Referendum Law 2008 International Laws
1 SPDC not yet published. They should publish adequate copies for the eligible voters for their study as soon as possible.
published 500,000 copies of draft constitution for 25 million voters in Congo i.e. a copy for every 50 voters
2 Right to free speech and movement of political parties on constitution draft explaining to the voters and the people.
SPDC doesn't allow it and prohibit under section 24(b) in Chapter 10 Referendum Law which carries imprisonment not exceeding 3 years.

According to international standard, public propaganda is allowed until 24 hours before voting started.
3 This provision is not included in SPDC's Referendum Law. Voting is NOT mandatory in international standard clearly prescribed in 'Way and Voting on a Referendum' Chapter which says 'The citizen cannot be called for on responsibility for voting on a referendum'.
4There is no provision in SPDC's law. There is a provision to include the voting instruction written on ballot papers.
5There is no such a provision in SPDC's law. There is a provision to assist illiterate and handicapped persons in voting allowing to accompany them a person and to assist them by polling station officials.
6 The SPDC cleverly evaded such provision, not at all in their law omitting any time frame. Sending of ballot boxes (papers) to different levels of commission and counting procedure will be conducted at snail's pace. In some cases, the ballot papers will be counted collectively on deferred date, which seemingly give the authority a chance to replace the ballot boxes intentionally.
There must be provision of 'Time Frame' in 'Deciding on referendum result' Chapter. In the referendum law of Macedonia which recently got independence, there is a provision which says to send the minutes and counting to different levels of higher referendum commissions and Central Commission within 24 hours and the Central Commission has to announce the result within 48 hours from voting concluded.
7 The SPDC's law threatens the voters with 3 years let alone protecting the voters. There is a 'Safeguarding the right to vote' Chapter in international referendum laws. Under this chapter, the voters have right to lodge complaint to referendum commission against the polling stations officials on their irregularities and injustices in voting and counting. The commission must decide on complaints within 24 hours from receipt of the complaints. The voters have right to appeal to regional commission if they do not satisfy with the judgment on their complaint decided by original commission. The higher commission (court) must give their judgment within 48 hours which protect the voters from rigging and injustices unleashed by the polling station officials.
8 This was not found in BSPP era and no hope in SPDC era too.
It is very important in multi-racial, multi-language country of Burma.
The draft constitution copies must be published in other languages of all races and tribes besides the official language. For instance, in Congo, the draft constitution copies were printed in other 4 African tribal languages besides the official language, French.
9 There is no such provision in SPDC's referendum law, how to approve the draft constitution, omitting the most important provision. There is no clear provision in their law, how to approve their draft, say, 50% of total eligible voters or 50% of total votes cast.
The quorum for approving the draft is prescribed clearly in international referendum laws, some with 50%, and some have 60% of total eligible voters.


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SPDC's plot to suppress and crackdown on people's protests

SPDC's plot to suppress and crackdown on people's protests

The SPDC reviewed the current situation as volatile and sees that the protests and violence can take place at any time. Thus they sent their instructions to army, police, Union Development and Development Association (USDA), Swanahshin and prison department to get ready for suppression of these unrests. The following are their concrete preparations to suppress the people's protests.

1. Directorate of Army sent its instruction to police force in all States and Divisions including the riot police force across Burma on 20th February to get standby and to regroup their forces. And also they are instructed to conduct anti-violence training and mock drill in association with local armed forces.

2. The State of Emergency imposed at midnight on 6th September 2007 has not yet withdrawn and instructed all police forces and riot police forces, State reserved forces to regroup and get combat readiness.

3. Increasing the fighting force of each riot police battalion to 500 from current 300 by extracting from State and Division police forces.

4. Forming the security platoon, reserved security platoon and logistics platoon in each riot police battalion comprised of the dependents of police personnel mostly the female members for the battalion HQ security.

5. Sent instruction for repairing and reissuing of anti-riot 12 Bore Grenna guns, reissuing and repairing of 40 mm shell launchers, 37 & 38 mm shell guns, supplying additional 100,000 smoke grenades to all 16 riot police battalions in Burma on 15th February in addition to current issue of 540 each. Similarly supplying 150,000 cartridges for 12 Bore Guns to all 16 riot police battalions on 29th January for the second time. Supplying bayonets for .303 rifles, .30 carbines, M 16, M 21 being used in riot police battalions. Instructed all riot police battalions and police training schools to submit their required equipments list before 1st February such as batons (long and short), shield, catapults, catapult balls, slingshots (round and flat), scarves (ties), water bottles, torch light, barbed wire, beret cap, beret slings, portable electric shock machine, stretcher, loud hailer, loud speaker, camera, bullet proof helmets, flak jackets, gas masks, military binoculars, walkie-talkie, wireless sets, vehicles and reserved and restricted ammunitions for reinforcing. Instructed all riot police battalions to conduct small arms training lesson and crowd control lesson daily plus 9 types of parades. Moreover police force in Rangoon Division is attending special training on crowd control codenamed 'Red Hat' starting from 22nd February.

6. Local authorities are giving social welfare assistance to dependents and female police personnel of all riot police battalions. And also these riot police battalions are instructed to stock 1,000 rice bags in each battalion for reserved food in countering domestic unrests and foreign invasions.

7. Instructed to select the key land and strategic land in advance in the respective area and to make grouping and to take battle stations by 50 police personnel along with Swanahshin, allied forces from NGOs in the respective Division, Districts and Township offices. And also they are instructed to submit the scheme to control the strategic land and gathering intelligence in advance with detail list of personnel strength, arms equipped and coordination plan with local organizations.

8. The Directorate of Army instructed the Burma Police Force to fill all the vacant allotted strength before 2010. Under this instruction, the recruitment is intensified starting from 1st January with the scheme codenamed 'Minthar Scheme – Phase II'. The recruitment task forces were formed led by Police Col. in each area with the aim of recruiting 1,000 new recruits each month. These task forces are visiting State High Schools and Middle Schools, persuading and organizing the students to join the police force.

9. The Prison department is instructed to build model wards in 39 prisons in Burma to house the political prisoners when the unrest breaks out. The political prisoners categorized as reserved and ordinary reserved will be detained in these new wards which will ensure deprivation of contacts with each other in specially designed small cells. The security personnel were increased and relocating, demolishing the houses near these prisons for the safety of the prisons.

10. Giving terrorists, sabotage and anti-riot trainings to mercenary terrorists under the name of 'Swanahshin'. Under the instruction of Directorate of Army, the riot police battalions are giving anti-riot trainings to extracted force from local army units and Swanahshin from respective districts in each regional military command. In these trainings, the trainees are given the lessons on dispersing the crowd by using force, current political situation at home and abroad, and SPDC's political roadmap. The hardcore Swanahshin were grouped and trained in each level of township, district, division and state to use them when required.

11. The regime is expanding their USDA organization which is claimed to have the current strength of 24 million members. All the government employees and their families plus the dependents are forced to join this organization. And also the students from Sate Middle Schools and above are forced to join this organization. The USDA Basic Organizational trainings are given in each township.

12. District PDC Chairman U Than Aung gave speech in USDA meeting on 3rd January at Rangoon Division, Mingalataungnyunt Township USDA office. In his speech, he said, "The image of the armed force was tarnished when they had to take leading role in cracking down the September 2007 unrest. Now we plan to use USDA and Swanahshin in leading role to crackdown the future unrests with in the name of people. For this purpose, you have been trained. The police force and army will take the second and third line force behind you and get ready. As we will issue notice to all monasteries not to go outside their premises when the unrest breaks out so that all the monks found on the streets at that time will be resumed as bogus monks and must be eliminated. The State will take full responsibility for the security of the USDA members. You are advised to lodge complaint to the authority concerned at the earliest time when you receive threats and harassment against you. I urge the USDA members to perform the duty assigned by the State dutifully and bravely".

13. The USDA members are collecting and preparing the list of eligible voters starting from 12th February after the SPDC announced on 9th February that the constitutional referendum will be held in May this year and new election will be held in 2010.

14. Rangoon Division USDA boss and Mayor Brig. Gen. Aung Thein Lin and Joint Secretary U Thar Win attended the USDA meeting held on 22nd February and instructed over 2,000 USDA members who were at the meeting to visit the people, persuade and organize the people by explaining them chapter by chapter of constitution draft. And also these USDA members were instructed to organize the people not to listen to the voices of NLD and other opposition forces.

15. The SPDC instructed to hold the mass rallies led by USDA across Burma supporting the SPDC announcements 1/2008 and 2/2008.

16. National Unity Party (NUP) General Secretary U Khin Maung Gyi said to German news agency DPA that the USDA has the plan to contest in election by transforming their organization to political party. In preparation for this task, the USDA is approaching and organizing the respected and influential persons in respective areas to join their organization.


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Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's code of dress: Symbolism with play of colors?

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's code of dress:
Symbolism with play of colors?

UN Secretary General's Special Envoy Ibrahim Gambari has visited Burma three times and met with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi on:

1. 11 November 2006
2. 30 September 2007
3. 2 October 2007
4. 8 March 2008
5. 10 March 2008
totaling five meetings.

During those meetings, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi wore:

1. Yellow colored dress in the first meeting. This could be inferred as "hope" for the likelihood of dialogue.

2. In the second meeting which occurred after the Saffron Revolution of 2007 September, she was dressed in blue, implying "sorrow."

3. In the third meeting she wore a pinee (traditional fawn-colored cotton fabric) shirt which could be inferred as "grief" for monks and wish for "serenity."

4. In the fourth and fifth meetings soon after her message "Hope for the best and prepare for the worst!" came out, she was dressed in bright red, which should be implied as the "battle call" of our era's second Independence struggle just as her father Bogyoke Aung San had called for "Independence or Revolt!" in 1947 under British rule during the first Independence struggle.


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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

PDC News Commentary


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Aung San Generation Statement No.(2)


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Friday, March 7, 2008

Burmese MP's Letter to UNSC

Read this doc on Scribd: Burmese MPs Letter to UN


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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More Chinese-made military trucks for junta arriving at the border

More Chinese-made military trucks for junta
arriving at the border

2008 March 3

Chinese-made Dong Feng brand six-wheeled military transport trucks destined for Burmese military junta are arriving in Ruili and Jegong on Sino-Burmese border, local residents reported.

Dong Feng brand six-wheeled military transport trucks started arriving in Ruili since yesterday night and would eventually number 500, a Chinese driver said.

Chinese-made Military Truck (Dong Feng)

Yesterday night, twenty trucks arrived and today, thirty more came to Ruili, it is learnt. These trucks are being cleansed at town's car washes and serviced at various workshops.

Last December, China delivered 450 Chinese-made FAW brand military use light trucks to Burmese junta at the border between Jegong and Mu-se.

Also in November, 2006, fifty LiFan-brand medium duty trucks were handed over to Burmese authorities at Jegong-Muse and in December, 2006, China delivered military equipment packaged in closed containers to Burma Army at the border.

Three hundred FAW brand six-wheeler military transport trucks were delivered in 2005 May, and over 100 each of Dong Feng brand six-wheeler military trucks and LJC brand six-wheeler military vehicles were sent to Burma through the border in 2004 July. In 2003 January, China gave spare parts and accessories for Burma Air Force jet fighters to Burma under heavy security. In 2002 November, 2001 August and 2001 December, over 200 Dong Feng brand 20-ton six-wheeler artillery hauling trucks, more than 300 FAW brand light personnel carriers and about forty artillery haulers with artillery shells, accessories and hi-tech communications equipment were respectively handed over to Burmese military authorities through the border.

All these are part of Sino-Burmese military agreement in 2000 to supply 5000 military vehicles to be used in logistics units and support troops. Military analysts believe Chinese-made military equipment was made available to Burma through gifts by Chinese government, credit or barter with teak, jade and agricultural produce.


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Monday, March 3, 2008

Statement of Opinion Regarding the National Referendum

Statement of Opinion Regarding the National Referendum

28 February, 2008

The main problem of the Union of Burma is a political problem. We totally reject Announcements No 1/2008 and 2/2008 and Declaration No 3/2008 unilaterally released by the SPDC Government since they do not contribute to national reconciliation or national unity and are merely aimed at perpetuating a military dictatorship. We hereby declare the following as our firm position:

1. Since the SPDC's state constitution does not reflect the will of the political parties which contested in the 1990 elections, or that of the ethnic leaders, or the people, it is illegitimate and we, the undersigned, totally reject it.

2. We strongly urge the people to join hands to courageously and determinedly oppose the referendum since it is a result of a unilateral action which ignores the results of the 1990 general elections, the role of the legitimate political parties and other political forces as well as the opinion of the international community.

3. Furthermore, we the undersigned reiterate our firm decision to commit ourselves to work together with the people in strongly opposing the SPDC's state constitution as well as all the phases of its "roadmap" which are attempts to ratify its state constitution.

4. Should the SPDC continues to ignore the wishes of the people and the international community and unilaterally holds its national referendum, we urge the people to clearly express their will by casting "Nay" votes to overwhelmingly reject the SPDC's state constitution.

(1) National Council of the Union of Burma
(2) National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma
(3) Ethnic Nationalities Council (Union of Burma)
(4) Women's League of Burma
(5) Forum for Democracy in Burma
(6) Students and Youths Congress of Burma
(7) Nationalities Youth Forum

U Maung Maung (087) 979-0794
Dr. Salai Lian H. Sakhong (081) 029-6100
Dr. Sann Aung (089) 768-5853
Nang Hseng Noung (081) 884-4963

Click Here.


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NLD has rejected the junta's referendum again

National League for Democracy
97B West Shwegondaing Street
Bahan Township, Rangoon

Date: 28 February 2008

Special Announcement 2/02/08
(Unofficial Translation)

In the multi-party generation elections held in 27 May 1990, by the State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC) (now State Peace and Development Council, SPDC), the National League for Democracy party won a landslide victory with obtaining 82% of majority in nationwide constituencies. Then, during the coordinating meeting of the SLORC and its State and Divisional Branches at the operational meeting room at the Ministry of Defense on 3 July 1990, the Commander-in-Chief again pledged as follows.

Quote; "What would be the next step after the election? It shall be to write the constitution. As I mentioned on 5 July 1989, the SLORC will not write the constitution. We don't want to be an accused (in history)...Writing of the constitution should be done by elected representatives, coordinated with the election winning parties," Unquote.

Again, the SLORC (now SPDC) issued statement 1/90 on 27 July 1990. The Paragraph (20) of that statement said as follows.
Quote; "the elected representatives today are sole responsible to write the constitution for the future democratic country," Unquote.
However, almost all of the Members of Parliament-elect are not allowed writing the draft constitution of the Union of Myanmar 2008.

The authorities also haven't made its draft constitution public yet as of today. However, the authorities have already formed the "Commission for Holding Referendum for the Approval of the Draft Constitution of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar 2008." When we looked at the Commission, we found that Chairman of that Commission is the same person who chaired the Chairman of National Convention Working Committee, which in instrumental to lead and adopt the fundamental and detailed principles from National Convention, and the Commission to Draft the State Constitution 2008. Furthermore, some members of that Commission are also delegates of the National Convention and members of the Commission to draft the state constitution.

That was against the advice and demands of international organizations, including the United Nations. All responsible persons should be included in the process of drafting the state constitution and the transformation of the nation. The one-sided act of the authorities not only harms the national reconciliation process but also cannot be accepted by the people.

According to the decision made by CEC meeting on 27 February 2008

Central Executive Committee
National League for Democracy


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