Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Silly Rat

A Silly Rat
By: Rimond Tha Htoo.
Karenni State

Date: 27th March, 2008.

Once there was a silly rat,
He saw a fish in the trap,
Asked his mother to eat the fish.
"Oh my dear don't be foolish;
It's the trap my little one"
Said the mother to her son.
But silly rat; didn’t listen,
And through the trap then he ran.

Then poor little silly rat,
Later been caught in the trap.
Silly rat felt with great regret,
On what his mother has said,
But it's too late for silly rat.


We should consider carefully,
On the report of Gambari
To Security Counci,
On his visit to Myanmar,
The Briefing of the date,
18th March, 2008.

On Briefing of Gambari
Going to be as the story,
It look like the silly rat,
Which tried to eat fish in the trap.

Are we going be a silly rat,
And been caught and killed in the trap?
Here the trap means " Referendum "
Which'll make SPDC in power.

They're dictators and fascist,
As well as the terrorists,
No pity and no mercy,
Killing Monks and their own People.
Why we should make them in power,
Whose has killed their own people?

Oh! People of Burma,
We should think for the future,
Don't be foolish and been treaded,
By SPDC's Road Map,
Otherwise down to the hell,
We'll made ourselves going to dwell.

But ,If we refuse to vote " NO "
Down to hell we've no way to go.
If we are going to vote " YES "
Then down to hell we're going to step.

This story was told by my teacher to the class when I was 8 years old, 1952.
The lesson of the story: Obey and respect your mother, father and teachers, said the teacher.
Therefore; We should obey and respect the will of the people of Burma, otherwise they will become the silly rat. We should not make the people felt with a great regret after been caught into the trap.

SPDC-- State Peace and Development Council ( The present Burmese Regime )

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