Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Referendum explained to The World

The Referendum explained to The World
(Cedric Snodgrass)

Burma has laws.
The Military does not obey them.
So why does Burma have laws ?
Burma has laws because

1. they are tools to repress The People

2. the Military Regime can say to The World

"Look ! We are a country like any other.
We have laws.
We have Justice."

Burma will soon have a Constitution,
drafted by the Military Regime
for the Military Regime.

The People do not want it.

The Military will not obey it.

Why should the Military obey its own Constitution
when for decades it has been disobeying its own laws ?

The Military Regime wants a Constitution for the same reasons it wants laws.
(see above)

What the Military Regime wants will soon be unimportant.
Its days are numbered.

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