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The Situation of Monasteries in Rangoon before and after the Saffron Revolution

The Situation of Monasteries in Rangoon before and after the Saffron Revolution

It is learnt that before the saffron revolution of September, 2007, there were 29,658 monks living and studying Buddhist Scriptures at some 348 monasteries in Rangoon, and after that, there remained only 6391 monks at those monasteries due to a series of crackdowns of the military regime. The list of monasteries shown above was collected only within our reach and there may be others beyond our reach as well. The monasteries listed in the table are those where there are large numbers of monks living and studying Buddhist Scriptures.

(See details in the table)

Note: Names in red are monasteries that led or took main role in the Saffron Revolution

S/N Monastery Number of monks prior to 2007 September monks' rising Township Present number of monks
1State Paryatti Sasana University (Mayangone)

2 Weizawtaron Learning Monastery 21057
3Tipidaka Mahagandaron Monastery19253
4Peitcimaron Learning Monastery17345
5Kan-u Zaytawun Learning Monastery14955
6Abbot Training Monastery5324
7Yaykoo Masoyein Learning Monastery6118
8Zawtikaron Learning Monastery31976
9Arya-mandaing Learning Monastery9118
10 (9th mile) Masoyein Learning Monastery 8135
11Maha-thukha-rama Learning Monastery17947
12Wizayar-rama Learning Monastery5412
13Barvarnar Pahtamabyan Learning Monastery6725
14Sasanart Aung Myay Learning Monastery6918
15(8th mile) Masoyein Learning Monastery 8322
16Thamaing Myoma Learning Monastery 9736
17 Paryatti Thadamapala Aung Myay Bonthar Shan Kyaung Learning Monastery 8320
18( Pauk Zedi Paryatti Learning Monastery 10732
19Zeyawuntha Learning Monastery6317
20Pyinca-nikaron Learning Monastery57185

S/NMonasteryNumber of monks prior to 2007 September monks' rising TownshipPresent number of monks
21Shwe-kyin Monastery389
22Khemar-rama Kengtung Monastery7215
23Wizaya-rama Monastery3711
24Dhammay-thekkasila Nun's Learning Monastery 8924
25 Salin Monastery (Kemmedine)12137
26Sardu Paryatti Learning Monastery11125
27Pyi-lone Chantha Learning Monastery6320
28Bonpyan Monastery369
29Dhamma Pyinna Monastery4812
30Abbar-rama Monastery5823
31Paya-hnitsue Monastery3018
32Kemmedine Kyaunggyitaik Monastery9831
33 Bagayar Monastery 8326
34 Kwinkyaung Learning Monastery(Ahlone)21251
35Zambu-yadanar Learning Monastery8227
36Ahlone Paryatti Learning Monastery9813
37Thaddamma-wuntharan Learning Monastery7224
38Aung Mingalar Learning Monastery 21835
39Zawtanar-rama Monastery8619
40Zeyawaddy Learning Monastery (Sanchaung)12132
41Aung Mingalar Theiddi Learning Monastery 9413
42Kanmyint Monastery7427
43Maha-razitarone Monastery6817
44Shinsawpu Myoma Learning Monastery5625
45Dhammazedi Shwe-kyin Learning Monastery4722
46 Naynattha Learing Monastery 11535
47Wuntha-maydinee Learning Monastery11051
48Siri-weilar Learning Monastery11339
49Shin Ottamathara Learning Monastery8515
50Shwehlaing Learning Monastery7017
51Shwetaung Learning Monastery8123
52Maha-razikarone Learning Monastery4816
53Uyin Monastery5211
54 Sanchaung Weluwun Monastery 12937
55Siri Mingalar Learning Monastery /td>

56Aung Mingalar Theiddi Learning Monastery439
57Beelin Monastery5619
58Aye-zedi Monastery7532
59Weluwun Nikaya Monastery3613
60 Kyundaw Monastery 10738
61Sasana Aunglan Monastery2910
62Linlunbin Learning Monastery8016
63 Six-storey Pagoda Monastery

64 Nyaungdon Monastery 25052
65Maha Aung Myay Bonsan Monastery5335
66 Maha Withoddaron Monastery 19038
67Thanyot Monastery4529
68Mula Thanyot Monastery5634
69Nan-oo Monastery7325
70Bahan Masoyein Monastery8123
71Taunggyi Paryatti Learning Monastery10638
72Aungthukha Learning Monastery3814
73Kanthayar Zambu-aye Monastery2911
74Shwe-nanthar Monastery179
75Three-storey Monastery Shwekyin5012
76Kyaikthimon Monastery5819
77 Five-storey Learning Monastery 10536
78Webyan Learning Monastery6327
79Brahmar Neimmitaron Learning Monastery11131
80Sasana-linkara Learning Monastery6317
81Theingon Monastery5115
82Phaungdaw-oo Learning Monastery3013
83Seindar-rama Paryatti Learning Monastery5224
84Wimalar-rama Nat-nyun Paryatti Learning Monastery9038
85 Sasanartwuntha Monastery (Lanmadaw)3015
86Thayettaw Monastery20764
87Tipidaka Monastery5719
88Sasanawdaya Monastery3616
89Twenty-eight Buddhas Monastery3115
90Dhammaron Paryatti Learning Monastery10128
91 Kyarkoo Monastery (Dagon)5317
92Dagon Paryatti Learning Monastery8831
93Sasanart Tagun Learning Monastery3611
94 Maha Theindawgyi Learning Monastery (Pabedan)9833
95 Thuseittaron Learning Monastery (Kamayut)8924
96Bodhigon Learning Monastery6328
97Kamayut Pyawbwe Monastery5229
98Sasanart Paragu Learning Monastery9527
99 Zeyawaddy Learning Monastery (Hlaing)9837
100Yadanar-theinkha Learning Monastery6318
101 Aungyadanar Winyor Learning Monastery 6513
102Pandita-rama Monastery11545
103Tattwin Paryatti Learning Monastery5521
104Wireless Learning Monastery7044
105 Kyankhin Paryatti Learing Monastery 17527
106Nyaungsi-yekan Monastery5215
107Nandar Shwebon Monastery2914
108Zeya Mingalar Monastery4519
109Thukhawaddy Learning Monastery7420
110 Panditta-rama Monastery 5918
111Zetawun Monastery6225
112 Alodaw-pyeit Learning Monastery (Dagon Harbor)23364
113Development Paryatti Learning Monastery5523
114 Shinmataung Paryatti Learning Monastery (Eastern Dagon Myothit)7014
115Tipidaka Mahagandawin Ni-keh Learning Monastery4023
116 Taxila Mahazeya-theiddi Pahtan Monastery 8230
117Sirithar-rama Monastery7132
118 Mingalar-rama Monastery (Northern Dagon Myothit)5118
119Aungmyay Yadanar Monastery13847
120Sasanart Zawtika Monastery6123
121Sasanart Dipa Learning Monastery4112
122Paryatti Sasanart Gonyi Learning Monastery5813
123Weizayandar Paryatti Learning Monastery6026
124Maha Gandaron Monastery4517
125Dana Gonyi Learning Monastery 327
126Aung Chantha Monastery2812
127Mingalar-aye Paryatti Learning Monastery5719
128 Ywama Learning Monastery (Southern Dagon Myothit)7823
129Kyarkan Monastery1914
130Thaddama Zawtikaron Learning Monastery7928
131Zeyar-theiddi Monastery5112
132Kan-u Paryatti Learning Monastery4213
133Wakhema Monastery3416
134Dagon Siri Monastery3521
135Shwe-kyin Monastery2815
136Taing-tayar Monastery3118
137Mingalar Rama Paryatti Learning Monastery 17236
138Pidaka Thonpon Ni-keh Learning Monastery 353107
139Payaphyu Monastery (Pazundaung)10027
140 Mya-theindan Monastery 10932
141Su-taung-pyeit Monastery6424
142Dhammika-rama Monastery4715
143Nyaungon Monastery3817
144Brahma-wihara Monastery4320
145Sarlin Monastery5221
146Singapore Monastery3815
147Thayagon Monastery5118
148Pali University Monastery6623
149Athee-ti Monastery7326
150Kyauktaing Monastery3110
150Kyauktaing Monastery 31 10
151Gunawaddy Monastery 48 13
152Norman Kyaungyi Monastery 72 32
153Mon Paryatti Learning Monastery (Harbor)6933
154Shin Ardeissa-wuntha Monastery (Mingalar-taung-nyunt)7025
155Deva-thagara Theingon Monastery9736
156Tu-lutsan Paryatti Learning Monastery6328
157Theinbyu Monastery6921
158Mingalar-rama Monastery5326
159Pyinnyar Ramika Monastery7829
160Dhammikaron Monastery4918
161Thuseitta-linkara Learning Monastery (Thaketa)11015
162Henzada Atwin Paddamya Learning Monastery13627
163Aung Thapyay Recluse Monastery8830
164Shwe-sar-yan Paryatti Learning Monastery5517
165 Abaya-rama Monastery10523
166Aung Thidar Learning Monastery11038
167 Su-htoo-pan Buddha Weizzar Learning Monastery 13946
168Aung-mingalar Popa Learning Monastery5419
169Tipidaka Linkara Paryatti Learning Monastery11065
170Erawun Paryatti Learning Monastery6224
171Yadanar Beikmarn Monastery5820
172Maha Seittathukha Monastery7116
173Mingalart Thukha Learning Monastery(Tamwe)22442
174Aung Mingalar Monastery5619
175Dhammar Linkara Learning Monastery4823
176Sasanart Zawtiparla Monastery2712
177Kyaukmyaung Monastery9736
178Setkyar Yan Aung Monastery135
179 Myanmar-Sri Lanka Monastery8537
180Zeya Mingalar Monastery6928
181Dhamma Vihara Monastery5218
182Su-htoo-pan Monastery14687
183Zambu-siri Monastery3416
184Dhamma Thukha Monastery12637
185Mingalar Zeyon Paryatti Monastery15045
186Myote-u Paryatti Learning Monastery8029
187Sasanart-zeya Mingalar Learning Monastery (Yankin)7725
188Satu-bommika Learning Monastery8231
189Pyinca-nikaya Sasanart-beikman Learning Monastery30654
190Kyaukkon Recluse Maydinee Learning Monastery19847
191Arya Maggin Monastery9230
192Kyaukkon Recluse Maydinee Learning Monastery19846
193Kyaukkon Kyaungyi Learning Monastery10235
194Mingalar Bodhi Monastery27455
195Mogaung Monastery11429
196Aung-chanthar Learning Monastery10236
197Dhammika-rama Monastery (Kyaikpi)14241
198Aung-thukha Beikman Monastery19869
199Mingalar-rama Learning Monastery (Botataung)16045
200Kyaikkasan Shwe-kyin New Monastery(Thingangyun)5717
201Kyaikkasan First Shwe-kyin Monastery 6922
202Sagaing Learning Monastery32755
203Shwe-man U Thurya Monastery10532
204Atu-la Mar-aung Monastery18648
205Five Scriptures Reciting Tavoy Monastery5713
206Thaddamma Mandaing Monastery4515
207Mandalay Paryatti Learning Monastery7831
208Paryatti Dhamma-beikmarn Learning Monastery (Phet-pin-aing) 12641
209Nandar-rama Monastery4328
210Kyaikkasan East Hostel Monastery3216
211Peace Monastery1911
212Maykha-waddy Monastery5024
213Dhamma-lawka Learning Monastery6725
214Sagaing Learning Monastery8532
215Yadanar Theingi Monastery289
216Wazo-u Monastery1910
217Chan-aye Monastery3512
218Maha Vithoddar-rama Learning Monastery9925
219Amata-dayee Learning Monastery15033
220Aung-yarmyay Paryatti Learning Monastery10829
221Aung-myay Yadanar Learning Monastery8116
222Zeyar-siri Paryatti Learning Monastery3512
223Yanmyoaung Payagyi Learning Monastery5320
224Shwe-narpan Paryatti Learning Monastery13432
225Pariyatti Myitzu Learning Monastery10124
226Yadanar Theiddi Learning Monastery6521
227Asoka Thidagu Learning Monastery7843
228Maha Souvanna Learning Monastery10938
229Minkyaung Learning Monastery7325
230Satubommika Maha-thadi-pahtan Monastery5621
231 Pyathad Paryatti Learning Monastery (Dawbon)7326
232Wazo Paryatti Learning Monastery5918
233Sasanartwuntha Monastery8232
234Sasanart Alinyaung Learning Monastery11335
235Dhammazedi Monastery4819
236Lamudan Monastery3622
237Mingalar-rama Learning Monastery8927
238Asokar-rama Learning Monastery6117
239Marn-aung Monastery1710
240Souvanna Learning Monastery (North Okklapa)8131
241Aung-waddy Learning Monastery8724
242Ananpin Recluse Learning Monastery6715
243Thaddama-vadee Henzada Learning Monastery7528
244Aungthawaddy Learning Monastery8337
245Dhamma Yaungchi Learning Monastery11232
246Dhamma Theingi (Pyawbwe) Learning Monastery5219
247Okkala Siri Paryatti Learning Monastery3910
248Mawgyun Paryatti Learing Monastery12738
249Pyawbwe Monastery2517
250 Marn Aung Monastery1512
251Popa Monastery4213
252Zambu-aye Monastery3716
253Manaw-thukha Monastery2911
254Myote-u Paryatti Learning Monastery6826
255Dhamma Desana Monastery179
256Dhamma Sila Monastery2215
257Aung Yadanar Paryatti Learning Monastery 8724
258Pit-his-maron Monastery3521
259Mawgyun Monastery1910
260Four Victories Monastery86
261Abayar-rama Monastery 5817
262Aung Mingalar Zawti Monastery2318
263Dhamma Thukha Monastery1812
264Aung Maggin Monastery2215
265Mandalay Kyaung Learning Monastery (South Okklapa)8839
266Mingalar Theiddi Paryatti Learning Monastery5727
267Ngwe-kyar-yan Paryatti Learning Monastery22512
268Maha-gandaron Paryatti Learning Monastery6712
269Sein Yadanar Paryatti Learning Monastery15019
270Dhamma-deikhtan Paryatti Learning Monastery4016
271Dhamma Theikpan Monastery17528
272Aung Pinle Learning Monastery12925
273Shwe-taungmaw Learning Monastery7219
274Aungmyay Yadanar Learning Monastery 12537
275Theikparlara Learning Monastery11646
276Zaytawun Aungsan Learning Monastery10455
277Yadanardepan Learning Monastery7232
278Maha-theikpan Monastery4925
279Theikpan Myitzu Learning Monastery5618
280Aleh Kyaungyi Pariyatti Learning Monastery (Dala)12767
281Maha Myitzimaron Learning Monastery(Syriam)35245
282Zeya Mingalar Learning Monastery7827
283Four-storey Pariyatti Learning Monastery10031
284Mingalar Kan-u Learning Monastery 13042
285Minkyaung Pahtamapyan Learning Monastery16870
286Shwebo Monastery3521
287Shwenanthar Monastery2510
288Su-taungpyeit Parahita Monastery7851
289Asoka-rama Monastery (Kyauktan)5835
290Minkyaung Paryatti Learning Monastery7042
291 Zeyapura Paryatti Learning Monastery 7038
292Aung San Recluse Learning Monastery(Shwe-pyi-tha)10437
293Shwe-pyi-tha Paryatti Learning Monastery11548
294Dhamma-thukha Learning Monastery8626
295Henzada Learning Monaster6035
296Shwe Pauktaw Learning Monastery5317
297Shwe Pyi-aye Learning Monastery5221
298Siri Mingalar Learning Monastery3413
299Ywama Paryatti Learning Monastery(Insein)548307
300Byoogon Recluse Learning Monastery11949
301Myat Thandar Learning Monastery7128
302 Asokaran Learning Monastery (Shwe-kyin)10439
303Kan-u Paryatti Learning Monastery9630
304Mingalarsiri Learning Monastery12043
305Yadanar Bodhi Monastery8925
306Wa-u Monastery7541
307Phaungdaw-u Paryatti Learning Monastery6427
308Marlar-rama Paryatti Learning Monastery7219
309Shwe-nyaungbin Recluse Learning Monastery24050
310 Yadanar Kangyi Learning Monastery 5121
311Zaygon Paryatti Learning Monastery11635
312Ottamawuntha Learning Monastery4525
313Deva Neimmitaron Monastery2210
314Sasanart Zawtikaron Monastery4918
315Siri-mingalar Kan-u Monastery1815
316Somitaron Monastery5231
317Sasanart-hati Monastery2919
318Dhammika-rama Monastery3725
319Yadanar-sikha Monastery158
32010th mile Ywama-gyi Monastery5627
321Vithoddaron Monastery3917
322Mahabodhi Monastery2015
323Siri-mingalar Monastery3218
324Maha-myaing Monastery1714
325Cularmani Monastery2819
326Mingalar-thiha Monastery2113
327Sasana-hita Paryatti Learning Monastery (Hlaing Thayar)12256
328Maha-thiha-narda Learning Monastery6732
329Padan Paryatti Learning Monastery18035
330Thayagon Paryatti Learning Monastery13228
331Siri-mingalar Kanhla Learning Monastery11747
332Sixth Tipidaka Shwe Okkan Learning Monastery7825
333Yoe-lay Learning Monastery12768
334Maha Aungmyay Yeikthar Learning Monastery8123
335Akyaw Paryatti Learning Monastery7031
336Sein-mya Dhamma-sarlar Monastery (Ye-okkan)4820
337Aungzeyarmin Paryatti Learning Monastery14065
338Thaungyi Paryatti Learning Monastery6029
339Shwe-kyee-tha Paryatti Learning Monastery (Mingladon)259106
340Tipidaka Maha-gandaron Monastery8561
341Aryudiga Pyo-uyin Monastery6230
342Kanthonsint Learning Monastery8124
343Tawtaik Dhamma Yeiktha Learning Monastery221101

Total 296586391

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