Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Friendly Fire Among SPDC Troops

Friendly Fire Among SPDC Troops
Resulting in Death of Two Men

14 January 2008

According to military sources, a friendly fire occurred in Mongnawng Town, Shan State (South), resulting in death of two privates and AWOL of one warrant officer II.

The story is as follows: On January 13th at 8:00 PM, a squad led by WO II Kyaw Thein from Mongnawng-based No.2 Military Operations Command (MOC-2) was patrolling inside the town when they met Pvt. Zaw Tun from Laicha-based IB 64 behind the central market. Questioning led to a quarrel in which WO II Kyaw Thein struck Pvt. Zaw Tun and in the ensuing gunfight, two privates were killed instantly, it is learnt.

One of the casualties was from WO II Kyaw Thein's squad and another was Pvt. Zaw Tun. Both of them died from gunshots. Though WO II Kyaw Thein was not wounded, he fled from the scene with an MA rifle he bore, it is learnt.

Troops under the command of Mongnawng-based MOC-2 are now hunting out WO II Kyaw Thein who has escaped and have been given the order to shoot him if he refuses arrest.

Also on October 11, 2007, Pvt. Thiha Aung from IB 246 operating in Homong region killed his Vice-Battalion Commander Maj. Myo Hlaing who had been bullying and torment his subordinates, with his MA-1 rifle. Thiha Aung shot his superior till his magazine was empty.

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